Our ingredents

All our ingredients are sourced with care.

our products are 100% natural

We have carefully sourced all our ingredients to create the perfect end product for you

our products are Cruelty free

All our products can be traced to their source and are guaranteed cruelty free

Our products are vegan

All our products are plant base and therefore suitable for vegans

We are a small Yorkshire company based near Harrogate and all of our products are vegan friendly, not tested on animals, handmade and chosen with love. 

We are lucky enough to have a natural spring that flows by our home and close by a well. This was a huge part of the inspiration for the name and with Harrogate’s well know history of healing potions and natural springs – we literally dived in! 

I’ve been making balms and seasonal rubs for friends and family for years. With the help of my business partner and rational voice of reason I’m excited to say that Starwell Emporium was born.

I’ve been passionate about combining natures oils and butters with essential oils and hand picking, blending and creating these lovingly by hand at home. We are so proud of our first brand new product!

The Starwell balm is a carefully blended coconut oil and Shea butter with additional candellia wax which is warmed gently and combined with essential oils. Each of the four oils have been specifically chosen for their individual and unique properties and added in quantitative measures to give a helping and soothing hand to aid our natural healing process. 

We will be posting lots of information about our ingredients over the coming months. Thank you for reading


Starwell Lesser Spotted Balm

We are proud to launch our second product.
No this is not one for the Ornithologists. Plukes, zits, pimples or spots – we are talking acne.
Starwell Emporium understands how hard it can be growing up, which is why we have formulated our second product to be effective for the treatment and prevention of spots.

Coconut Oil
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Starwell Balm

All natural ingredients. Our signature balm is comforting and soothing. It’s zesty fragrance is refreshing yet calming.
An all round salve to aid the natural healing process.

This product is vegan and cruelty free!

Coconut Oil,
Shea Butter,
Candelilla Wax ,
Eucalyptus Essential Oil,
Lavender Essential Oil,
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